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The World Turned Upside Down? Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computers

Mon 14 Oct 2019
3 Hanningtons Lane, Brighton

About the event

As part of Brighton Digital Festival, the city’s hub for emerging technologies, The FuseBox, is setting up camp at 3 Hanningtons Lane for a week of hands-on experiences and talks about new technologies, society and you. Every day there's something different to experience and learn about!


Quantum mechanics is based on ideas that would be more at home in science fiction than the university lab. But crazy or not, they are enabling scientists to build the most powerful computers in the world - including one here in Brighton at the University of Sussex.

On Monday 14th October, we will be hosting a fascinating exhibition from the University’s Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies, including a VR experience created at a quantum hack at the FuseBox.

DAYTIME EXHIBIT (11am - 6pm)

See and learn about all things quantum, including computers, atomic clocks, quantum sensors, quantum imaging devices, and a sub-atomic particle tracking device.

EVENING TALK (6pm - 8pm)

Come along to this evening talk to find out how these new quantum technologies work, what their applications are and how they might impact society going forward.

This day of activity is supported by the University of Sussex.