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Silicon Brighton - AI & Machine Learning

Tue 12 Nov 2019
Platf9rm, Brighton

About the event

This talk is focused on the developments in artificial intelligence (A.I) and machine learning (the subset of A.I that focuses on building systems that learn—or improve performance—based on the data they consume).

Our first talk will include:

  • Daniel Hulme - TEDx Speaker and CEO of Satalia
  • Dr Philip Ronney - Machine Learning Expert for small business
  • Harpal Singh - Chief Product Officer- Building AI and Machine Learning

Daniel Hulme is the CEO of Satalia - one of the few companies globally creating full-stack A.I that can self-adapt from their decisions. This is a must see talk for anyone interested in A.I, big data or the ethics of emerging technology. Daniel will discuss the impact A.I and blockchain will have on society and the ability it may have to disrupt business.

Dr Philip Rooney will be discussing 'Machine Learning for Startups and SMEs'. Philip will explain Probabilistic Programming in some technical depth. Phil Rooney is CEO of DataJavelin, a Brighton based consultancy. DataJavelin develops machine learning models for local B2B businesses that are innovation-driven. Philip has nine years of experience building machine learning models in academia and industry and is a world-class expert in probabilistic programming. Philip was formerly a post-doctoral research fellow in the Dept of Astronomy and the Medical School at the University of Sussex; with two co-cofounders DataJavelin was spun-out of the University in 2018

Harpal Singh is an AI Product Management Consultant and Interim Chief Product Officer (CPO) helping companies build, scale and take AI/ML products to the market. Previously, he co-founded an ML startup, was VP of Product at intu plc, Selligent, and Automata, and led design at Yahoo!, HSBC and others. Harpal has built and led multiple product teams (100+ people), and managed product portfolios of up to £250M in annual revenue. His recent AI work includes a prediction platform, visual merchandising tool, smart robots, marketing automation platform, number of AI PoCs, chat-bots and a recommendation engine.

Harpal will be discussing AI products he has worked on that are now being used in E-commerce - A Case Study — Marketing Automation in eCommerce.

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