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Test data and access control... what could be more exciting?!

Wed 22 Jan 2020
18:00 - 20:00
The Lord Nelson Inn, Brighton

About the event

Join a small group of Laravel coders, fans and general just interesteds, to discuss Laravel, Vue, and all things coding. We'll work through different problems we face, discuss ways of solving them, and think up the next great app that'll make us all millionaires (after a couple of pints).

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This month we'll be chatting about testing, and specifically about generating test data for your QA teams. We'll compare notes on how we do it and see if there is agreement on best practice.

We'll also discuss the age old problem of Access Control. Laravel gives us a few options for saying who can do what, but which is the right one and when? Hopefully we'll find out.

All levels welcome from super-pro "I use my brainwaves to generate random test strings" to just interested code-for-fun amateurs.

See you there (hopefully :0)

Location: Usual table. Head in, left around the bar, turn left, and we'll be somewhere on the right.

p.s. All topics open for discussion, this is just a guide to get us started.