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Digital Marketing & Content Producer Apprenticeship Programme

Wed 22 Jan 2020
10:00 - 11:30
Telecom House, Brighton

About the event

Are you a growing business interested in learning more about industry led apprenticeship programmes that help you find digital talent and stay ahead of the digital curve?

Want to access £12,000 of Government funding to invest in new hires or to up-skill existing staff?

Join us to find out more about our Digital Marketing and Content Producer Talent Programme and to hear how hundreds of local companies who have already benefited.

More about the programme:

The Creative Process Digital Marketing and Content Producer Programme sources fresh talent to meet your skills requirements, providing you with a shortlist of digital applicants to choose from. The programme consists of unique masterclasses, 1:1 coaching and online sessions. Across 13 months your new hire or existing employee will be trained by digital marketing, content and e-commerce experts to fast track your in-house digital skills and capabilities. All on a no fee basis!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet other businesses and digital professionals from across Brighton!