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Proud Business - LGBTQ freelancers meetup

Tue 14 Jan 2020
Earth and Stars, Brighton

About the event

Over a pint or two we’ll discuss issues and difficulties around communicating our LGBTQ identity to clients and suppliers and possible perceptions of negative impact on their business in doing so.

We're hosting an open discussion and encourage you to bring your questions, frustrations, thoughts and wins to chat them through in a safe, friendly space.

Without the support of an HR department and formal regulation protecting against discrimination for freelance and self-employed people, it can sometimes feel like you can’t be yourself in a professional context. There are often perceptions surrounding ‘coming out’ to customers, suppliers or even work colleagues - even in a liberal city such as Brighton.

Our aim? To create a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ people who have an identity that they might not feel confident communicating to others in a business context so we can together work on strategies and support each other.


To share the challenges and successes individuals have experienced in being open about their identity in a professional context.


Provide a supportive space where people can share their stories of success or stress, and work on methods of dealing with clients and managing expectations.


Create an environment where everyone can be truly comfortable with sharing their LGBTQ identities with others in their workplaces and can actively encourage others to do the same.


Friendly meet up with a short intro and then informal discussions. Hosted by Simon Batchelar and Adam Bastock, small business owners who have LGBTQ identities and believe that they should be able to be open and comfortable in their self-created workplace - no matter their sexual preference or gender orientation.