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From Idea to Impact: A Workshop

Wed 13 Nov 2019
Marlborough Theatre, Brighton

About the event

You’d like to start a business that alloys your talents with a cause that could nourish lives and nurture our planet. Or you’ve started, but you need to scale. Or maybe you’d like to invest in, or work for, an ethical business.

Our workshop will share experiences, insights and actionable advice. What we talk about is going to be guided by what you need to know but we could be touching on:

  • Make an offer, get a return: having purpose is just the start
  • Impact investors v orthodox capitalists - what’s the deal?
  • Profit is your secret weapon
  • The ‘impact pivot’: how collaboration builds scale

We’re going to start with a case study. Why did a Dutch impact entrepreneur believe he could bring electricity to Sub Saharan Africa, ending energy poverty for 125 million families on the continent, when charities and governments have utterly failed?

Bart Hartman is creating local impact enterprises in Rwanda that offer Africans sustainable solar light and power at a lower cost than kerosene and candles, and on a scale that NGOs can’t match.

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