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DRIVA Arts DRIVA: What is Data?

Wed 13 Nov 2019
Lighthouse, Brighton

About the event

As a shared ledger of transactions, blockchain is supposed to promote transparency of its data while being secure. Each block added to the chain contains the sequential history of the transaction, so you have complete transparency as to what has happened. What does this mean for big data? And how can this be used by grassroots practitioners, creatives and businesses to build open source innovation?



David Lockie - Founder, Pragmatic / Co-Chair, UK Blockchain Council

The founder and CEO of Pragmatic, the largest WordPress agency in Europe, David's interests lie in Blockchain and other associated open source and decentralised tech. David loves working with the team at Pragmatic in delivering websites that add real value to businesses, and in turn enjoys sharing his expertise on this topic at international conferences such as WooConf and WordCamp Europe.

In 2018, David set up Dcent - an agency specialising in blockchain development and he was appointed Co-Chair of the UK Blockchain Council. Through Dcent, is exploring the exciting possibilities that decentralised technologies have to offer all sectors and applications.

In 2019, David was listed as one the BIMA 100 - the industry-rated list that celebrates the most influential, pioneering and change making people in the UK’s digital industry.

In this free event you will get to better understand how blockchain is changing the way technology is built, the internet is used and data is utilised. Hear examples of cutting-edge innovation that focuses on the decentralisation of data (and therefore power?), and technological design that is driven by the open source revolution.

What is DRIVA arts DRIVA?

DRIVA (Digital Research & Innovation Value Accelerator) is a £1.3m University of Brighton research project funded by the European Structural Investment Fund and Arts Council England that aims to provide technology SMEs, creative arts practitioners and cultural organisations unprecedented access to Gatwick Airport’s big data.

We believe that the super-fusion of data-driven innovation and creative practice with access to artistic and scientific expertise can drive economic productivity, community impact and place-making in our region.

By unlocking the commercial, creative, social and/ or critical, value of data of from Gatwick Airport, and generating insights into the 50 million people who depart and arrive on our doorstep each year, we can accelerate the development of an untold range of new data-driven products, services, artworks and experiences.

Over the next two years, we’ll be providing free, intensive support, access to facilities, resources and expertise alongside cash awards to bring together hundreds of creative and technology organisations and practitioners to make the most of data as both material and currency.

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About the hosts

OrganiserDRIVA Arts DRIVA // University Of Brighton // Always PossibleOrganiser of What is Data? (DRIVA arts DRIVA)DRIVA Arts DRIVA (Digital Research & Innovation Value Accelerator) is a free programme set up to combine the skills, assets and resources of creatives, technologists and data scientists to generate new business growth in the Coast to Capital region.The programme is designed and led by the University of Brighton, with a live events programme supported by always possible.