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Scaling Lean/Agile Metrics Across Your Software Company

Wed 13 May 2020

About the event

When will it be done? We all want to be able to answer that question with confidence. Software development is hard. Estimating software development accurately is darn near impossible. We have a critical need to become more predictable to help our companies succeed. As seasoned software developers, we've read the books on lean. We've hired the consultants. And this year, we believe that we've found the holy grail to make our predictability problems disappear. Sounds great, right?

Reality check. The challenge is that when you are trying to enact change, and there are people involved, it's not so easy as find the best solution and install it in your teams. You can't just force things on people. You need to take a different approach.

Questions come up like this: How do you get the people to buy into your change and own it? How do you invite people in as participants in the change and not try to shove the latest agile techniques down their throats? In this talk, we'll share our best tactics for success when introducing new changes in your organisation so that you can learn from our mistakes and be inspired to drive change in your own organisation.


  • Frame your initiative as a compelling problem, and gain buy-in with a one pager (we will share an easy-to-use template for this)
  • Find the people who have the problem or the pain. They will be eager participants looking for new ways to make their lives easier. Then offer yours as one possible solution rather than another's solution.
  • Partner with others who can help support your initiative. There is a power in collaboration. Find the opinion leaders. Get them up on a stage sharing techniques in their own words.
  • Manage your initiative with regular check-ins. Schedule it. Socialise the progress of your initiative widely in your organisation to drive continued interest and momentum.
  • Weather the challenges that come along the way and adapt your way forward. Things are going to happen that might discourage you. Press on.


Heidi Helfand

Heidi coaches and influences fast-growing companies using practical, people-focused techniques. Her approach is based on experience at highly successful startups.

Tim Doherty

Tim is a Software Architect at Procore Technologies, where he’s tirelessly championing Test Driven Development, responsible tech debt management, and sustainable agile practices.

About the hosts

Lean Agile Brighton is a group for anyone in the Brighton (UK) area to meet, discuss, explore and learn about all areas of Lean and Agile product development.