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Friendly SEO: Get Your Site 2020 Ready - Intro to getting found on Search

Tue 07 Jan 2020
18:00 - 20:00
Craft Beer Co, Brighton

About the event

Come and have a pint and learn about SEO.

Everyday I'm talking with small businesses and freelancers who are scared of SEO and feel stupid asking questions.

This is the event to quash the notion that it's too complex or difficult for you to understand. I'm here to make SEO friendly and less scary.

I'll run through some basic concepts, explain why you don't always have to be top and answer your questions in a relaxed and friendly environment.

17:30 - 18:00: Arrival

18:00 - 18:45 Talk

18:45 Onwards - Questions / Drinking / Networking

I'll be setting up from around 17:00 so feel free to pop by and say hello earlier if you're at a loose end.

Who is this talk for?

This talk is an introduction to all things SEO and is designed for anyone to turn up who wants to learn the basic concepts of what it is, and what it all means.

If you're one of the below, here's the questions I aim to answer :

Freelancers - What SEO can you do yourself? When should you outsource? Should you even bother?

Business Owners - Work with agencies but feeling lost? Unsure what you can do yourself? Understand the basic terms so that you aren't lost in meetings and understand the opportunities to grow

Entrepreneurs - Find opportunities and get a basic grasp of where to go to learn more information.

What will you learn?

What is SEO?

What does being first really mean?

Why should you "do" SEO?

What are keywords?

How can keyword help you structure your website for more traffic?

Who on earth am I?

My name is Adam Bastock and I work with small businesses and freelancers to help them understand SEO and get the most out of it at the lowest cost.

I've always worked in house for small companies and there's always been a fear about search and Google which I now aim to remove so companies can grow and see how much opportunity there is for them.

Frustrated with all resources being focused on big companies with money to burn, I'm dedicated to helping smaller companies and individuals use SEO to their advantage and grow.

About the hosts

Understand SEO and Digital Marketing in a friendly environment. Have the knowledge to challenge agencies, hire the right people and win more customers.Having worked in small businesses for over 8 years, I understand the time challenges you're up against. There's always been a fear around SEO that comes from misunderstanding. I remove that fear so that companies can understand the real opportunities that lie ahead for them.Frustrated with online resources being focused on big companies with heaps of cash, I'm dedicated to helping smaller companies and individuals use SEO to their advantage and grow.All of my talks, workshops and events are friendly, approachable and jargon free. We build the basic blocks using simple examples and terminology, before then applying these in real world examples and cases.SEO is not, and should not be scary!