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Flock #07 - The one about beautiful business

Wed 27 Nov 2019
19:30 - 22:30
Ginger and Dobbs, Shoreham

About the event

Shoreham meetup for digital, creative and entrepreneurial folk, Flock, is back!

And after wrestling with dates we've scored a speaking super star.

So this month, fresh from his Tedx talk in Brighton, we welcome tech entrepreneur, podcaster, snowboarder, sometime philosopher, and local resident, Neil Witten.

A geek that can speak(?!). He built a digital agency that became a successful story telling platform - StoryStream. And then helped build a digital behaviour change program - Do Something Different. His podcast talks to people who have chosen to step away from traditional life paths, and navigated the risks and rewards of choosing to focus on more creative, meaningful alternatives. His interest is less in what they do, but why they did it? What separates the doers from the thinkers? At Flock he will talk about his journey, why business is great, and why he thinks there's such a thing as a beautiful business.

Flock is for makers - of businesses, products and things. We like meeting people with a maker mindset of having ideas and making them happen.

Interesting people who live here or work here, who are doing cool things, who want to connect to like-minded people and build a supportive community.

We'll be meeting at 7.30pm with a start time of 8 pm.