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Brighton Data Forum Meetup

Wed 27 May 2020
tbc, Brighton

About the event

This group is for anyone in Brighton and the surrounding area either working with data or with an interest in using data. The goal of the meetup is to bring the local community together, share experiences and war stories, increase awareness of local opportunities and to give or receive support with data related challenges.

In addition to organising bimonthly meetings, we manage a #Slack workspace to continue the conversations. Whether you can make it to our meetings or not, we encourage all group members to join us on Slack. Email Oskar ( for an invite.


Welcome to the Brighton Data Forum, a meet-up bringing together Brighton-based people and organisations doing great work with data.

This meeting's schedule:

  • Networking and refreshments
  • "On the future of the forum" (discussion led by Oskar Holm, senior data scientist, Brandwatch)
  • "Predicting Crop Yield from Weather – creative metrics or just visual data dredging?" (presentation by Phil Curtis MSc, Data Architect at Tickbox Systems Ltd.)
  • "Dynamical Systems Analysis", (lightning talk by Tiffany Seeley and John Derby - University of Sussex Master of Science Candidates in Intelligent and Adaptive Systems)

As always, the conversation continues at a nearby pub and on our slack workspace.

We look forward to seeing you there!