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Brighton Immersive Meetup: Using VR For Content Creation

Wed 29 Jan 2020
18:00 - 21:00
The FuseBox, Brighton

About the event

Virtual Reality offers a wide range of tools available to artists and designers to produce art, ranging from animation, sculpture, painting and 3D design. At this meetup, we will look at some of the immersive tools that are redefining the way we create and whether VR can become a key tool for creatives.

If you are an artist or designer looking for new opportunities and mediums to expand your practise, come along to hear from a range of expert speakers behind some of the most popular immersive content creation tools on the market today! There will also be plenty of time to have a demonstration by the speakers and to get hands on yourself to experiment and learn.

We will be joined by:

Tim Aidley, Google Tilt Brush

Tim is one of the developers on the Tilt Brush team. He will be joining us remotely from Google's California office to share details of the time and effort that went into creating the iconic 3D-painting Virtual Reality application, Tilt Brush, and how they continue to innovate new creative tools within this undefined market.

Angie Taylor, Sculptor and VR artist

Angie Taylor is a sculptor, VR artist and author with a 27 year career as a motion graphic designer. She currently creates VR art with Tiltbrush, Gravity Sketch, Masterpiece VR, Cinema 4D and Unity. Angie will talk about her frustration with the limitations of a 2D screen before discovering the joys of creating art in VR. She will show excerpts from her current project - VR art experience “Scattered Mind” - an exploration of the neurodiverse, creative mind

Daniel Thomas, Gravity Sketch

Daniel Thomas, CTO of Gravity Sketch will be joining us with some of the team to discuss how their 3D VR design platform allows designers to express their ideas in real-time, at any scale, from initial concepts through to detailed 3D models. He will explain the challenges they encountered moving traditional CAD functionality to immersive devices.

Did you know we run a residency programme at The FuseBox for those developing immersive, connected, intelligent or data-driven products or services? If you would like to find out more about becoming a resident or get a tour of the space, get in touch.