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Discover the tools, ideas & games that develop data literacy!

Thu 30 Jan 2020
Natwest Entrepeneurial Accelerator, Brighton

About the event

Which skills do you need? What skills will your business need to stay ahead? Do you need to learn programming, or are there other ways to get ahead?

How should you get started?

In this workshop, you'll get answers to your questions and learn how to build a more balanced view of the skills needed to get ahead with data. You'll discover how you can get value from data without technical skills. You will experience the innovative tools and techniques business leaders are using to develop data literacy. You will start to build your own data literacy and plan how to develop your team.

You’ll also have the opportunity to play Datopolis, the board game that provides a fun, experiential way to explore new concepts like data ethics, data ecosystems, and open data.

In this session you will:

-Define what data literacy is and isn’t

-Learn how data literacy relates to your individual needs and context.

-Identify the factors that make data skills projects succeed, and fail.

-Explore a data skills framework that can help you build a successful data skills programme by creating a balanced view of your data skills needs.

-Discover the role of creative, campaign-based approaches to data skills projects.

-Experience Datopolis, the data literacy game used by businesses like Rolls-Royce and Roche to develop data literacy, stimulate debate and get people excited about data skills programmes.

Network with your peers, from a variety of sectors.

This workshop will be lead by Simon Bullmore. With a background in business psychology, Simon has worked in data, technology and training for over 17 years. This includes leading the learning programme at Tim Berners-Lee's Open Data Institute, and the launch of Harvard Business School's first European office.