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Data science challenges in real world Image Recognition

Fri 31 Jan 2020
15:00 - 18:00
Hack and Craft, Floor 8, New England House, Brighton

About the event

Hack & Craft Lab's lead data scientist shares his journey to develop a commercial Image Recognition tool designed to enable users to search RS Components' extensive product catalogue.

The meeting will provide insight into;

  • The challenges of real-world data science projects.
  • Adapting a data science methodology to the Agile software development lifecycle.
  • Implementing reproducible pipelines with big data version control
  • Creating colour analysis algorithms
  • Handling imbalances in training and test set distributions with custom-built hardware

The afternoon will include a demonstration of one of our products and we invite you to come and share your experiences or simply learn about this fast evolving technology.

Please let us know if you are interested in attending either by dropping us an email at
or registering via the button below. 

The H&C Lab is found on the 8th Floor of New England House, Brighton

About the hosts

Hack and Craft are a Digital Product Development Company. We help organisations build and run disruptive technologies which embrace the future.