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Brighton Digital Women: Purpose Fair

Mon 24 Feb 2020
Platf9rm, Hove

About the event

Have you wondered about how you can give some of your time to a purpose or cause? Have you been confused about where to start and found it difficult to know what on earth you can do and who you could offer your help to? In February we are focusing on helping you find a way to contribute to your local community in 2020 with our first Purpose Fair !

We have inspirational speakers to help you get in touch with what purpose means to you and how you can find a cause that gives you a sense of fulfilment. Then you can visit the stalls of a range of organisations from around the Brighton and Hove area to find out what they do and how you can get involved with their work.

Make 2020 your year purpose and making a real difference to the world and our local community.