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POSTPONED: Spring Forward 2020: Go Freelance, Go Big!

Wed 19 Aug 2020
18:30 - 21:00

About the event

More and more people are going freelance whether that’s by choice or force because they don’t fit in a “box”, thrive in a traditional working environment or have the ability to do full-time working hours. As part of Spring Forward Festival 2020, freelance collective community FRiBE are running an event all about going freelance and the potential to go big. There will be an empowering lineup of female speakers who’ve either gone freelance and gone big, or are able to offer insight and support to help freelancers do just that. There will also be a follow-up breakout practical session with micro freelance clinics so you can resolve your specific challenges, whether that’s:

  • Brand positioning
  • Rates and cash flow
  • Finding the right clients
  • Improving your skills
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Managing your time


Jennifer Le Roux - Founder of FRiBE & Freelance Writer

Founder of FRiBE and freelance digital writer Jennifer Le Roux will share her story escaping employment and going freelance, including insight into the bumps along the way and how she’s now supporting other freelancers to help them up their game.

Gerrie Hawes - Freelance Corporate Behavioural Psychologist

Gerrie shares her story from running her own organic food business, entering employment, going through IVF, having a child and going freelance. Gerrie often gets asked how she makes freelancing work and based on her learnings created the FREELA model (inspired by the PERMA model), which she will apply in the second half of the session to help attendees uncover their top challenges and begin overcoming them. "Gerrie hit on several salient points about life as a freelancer and really helped me clarify my priorities and needs."

Latisha Berker-Boyd - Freelance Social Media & SEO Marketer

Latisha shares the journey she is taking after being diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy at the age of 26 to now, running her own Social Media and SEO agency that is named after her disability. Latisha will explain the difficulties she faced in traditional employment and why going self-employed was the only option to maintain physical and mental stability in her career. She hopes her story will inspire other women to find ways to let their disabilities define their careers in positive ways, and to keep the discussion of inclusivity in the workplace alive.

Amy Watt - Freelance Communications and Copywriting Specialist

Amy began her freelance journey five years ago when she swapped London agency life for village life in the South of France. She shares her story of how she successfully works remotely on communications projects for global clients including John Lewis, NET-A-PORTER, Google and Ikea, while creating an existence that is more closely aligned to her passions for yoga, art and coaching. Through her business Megawatt Coaching she now coaches marketing and communications professionals to find their own path by challenging assumptions about what they "should" do and finding work that feels meaningful and aligned with a sense of individual purpose.

Lizzie Davey - Freelance Saas Writer and Freelance Advocate

Lizzie shares her story from being unfulfilled in employment, to quitting her job and moving to Spain to launch her freelance business, where she burnt out taking on too much of the wrong thing. She tells us how she went from being miserable in a beautiful location to nailing it back in Brighton as a specialist SaaS writer , who also now helps hundreds of freelancers up their game.

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Who is it for?

The event is created for women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who want to change their career or up their game. It’s ideal for anyone with portfolio skills that either has experience in the workplace and wants to go freelance, or is struggling to thrive as a freelancer already.

Who we are

We’re on a mission to give agency to freelancers. Creating a ‘CV’, relying on LinkedIn or creating an entire brand website isn’t always a viable or effective option for freelancers. FRiBE enables you to create a showcase profile as a freelancer and build freelance collectives for specific projects or join forces with freelancers who share the same values and are on the same mission. We also run a small members coworking hub with sea views in Hove. Go to our website to find out more