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POSTPONED: Design Brighton - A Bright Future

Fri 03 Apr 2020
09:00 - 15:00
Fabrica, Brighton

About the event

Our final day of DB20 starts as a day session exploring our regions ambitions and opportunities for positive economic and social growth. 

How will Ultra-Wide Band shape our future cities

We are delighted to kick off the day speaking with Simon Campbell, IT Director at Ricardo, Simon is a fountain of technology knowledge and is particularly interested in Ultra Wide Band (UWB) that is little known but starting to drive innovation in smart building, security, augmented reality and positioning. We will be exploring why UWB and 5G both matter to the future of the built environment. 

2030 - What and How

That brings us into our next discussion - '2030' What is Brighton and Hove's 2030 pledge, we hear from BHCC on the ambitions and discuss with local expert, Duncan Baker-Brown about How designers can help our region be a leading example of Carbon Neutral living. 

Genius Loci

We are then delighted to be showing the film 'Genius Loci' a film about the role of people and places in the era of climate change. Produced by Andrew Simpson and Jeremy Leggett MBE, who was director of Action in Rural Sussex for 30 years and is now a government adviser on rural affairs. Genius Loci has been specifically produced for Design Brighton and promises to be entertaining and thought provoking in equal measure.

21st Century Urbanism

We will then have our final speaker slot '21st Century Urbanism' an opportunity to hear from industry leaders about the global and structural challenges that we are facing and making a case for urban development being the answer. 


Jonathan Smales , founder and CEO of Human + Nature, a sustainable development business delivering sustainable neighbourhoods and a suite of typologies for radically affordable, low carbon homes.

Andrew Simpson is a planner who focuses on the social and economic value of new developments to communities. Andrew was previously the Director of Wales Mind, the mental health charity, and Director of Estates and Regeneration for the South West London Mental Health Services NHS Trust. 

Paul Murrain is an urban design consultant and former Senior Lecturer and Graduate Course Chairman at the Joint Centre for Urban Design in Oxford, England. Paul's experience is vast and he has carried out projects and visiting lectureships in many parts of the world including USA, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Turkey and Sweden. Paul is an original member of the Congress for the New Urbanism and a signatory to the New Urbanism Charter.