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Accelerate Your Agency Webinar | Da Costa Coaching

Thu 02 Apr 2020

About the event

Ensure your agency thrives: navigating un-chartered waters with a solid plan. 

We are in uncharted waters right now. Coronavirus changes many things. I am not pretending to have all the answers but what I do know is you need to have a plan in place and not be paralysed by fear but rather, take action and focus on what you can control. 

I want to help you get a solid plan in place, be able to still win your ideal target client and charge a fair fee. I also want to try and answer any questions you may have during these challenging times.

My free live training will cover: 

  • Coping with a changing landscape and ensure your agency thrives
  • Plan for sustainable growth in 2020 (especially in these challenging times) 
  • Maximise profits and extend client relationships by value selling and pricing
  • Why niching allows you to dramatically increase prices

A bit more about me.....I started, grew and sold my own award-winning agency. Since I sold up I've helped over 350 agencies just like yours to grow sustainably. And with the tips you'll discover on this free training call, you'll know how to grow your agency too.

As an added bonus and a little "thank you" for showing up, you'll get exclusive access to my some of my best  materials covering everything from winning better clients, identifying your niche, and selling based on value (not just on time).