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How to make amazing film content with your iPhone and turbo-boost your sales

Thu 04 Jun 2020
12:00 - 13:00

About the event

Pocket Business School meets every month to unpack tips and techniques to improve your business. We usually congregate at PLATF9RM, Tower Point, Brighton. But due to social distancing, we are currently using Zoom and the online webinar format.

Ever looked jealously at a competitors film content, and thought "I can't afford to make film like that"?

Well, think again - in June we'll show you how.

Pocket Business School is back with guest speaker Kim Slade, Founder of Touch Video Academy. He'll be unpacking how your iPhone can be used to make quality films to fully engage with your customers and drive more sales.

Kim will be speaking alongside regular hosts - business development and marketing expert Tim Healey and SEO specialist Adam Bastock.

Who is this session aimed at?

Anyone who'd like to improve their marketing, increase their revenue and widen their customer base.

What do you get?

3 x 10 minute talks and time for Q+A... what not to love... see you there.

Our mission at the Pocket Business School is to empower our colleagues by running free 1 hour sessions where we share our knowledge and de-bunk and de-mystify techniques to help you optimise your business online.