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Selling in the New ‘Normal’

Thu 04 Jun 2020
09:00 - 10:00

About the event

Many business owners we work with are planning what they need to be doing next, to ensure the business continues to survive and then be able to launch and grow their sales as the COVID-19 restrictions are gradually lifted.

What makes some prospects so reluctant to buy, even when you know just as well as they do, that what you are offering them is exactly what they need?

How can you reduce their resistance to your sales efforts while at the same time making it easy for them to buy? Our powerful “Formula for Change” is the key.

Here are just a few of the invaluable things you’ll learn:

  • Conversion techniques, rapport building skills and communication strategies
  • How the sales process should flow and use the 5 ways system to grow your sales predictably
  • How to sell to the four key personality types
  • How to get customers to sell themselves
  • How to overcome any objection
  • How to set up a sales funnel that works
  • How to ask great questions
  • How to ask for the sale time after time

If you are based in or around Brighton, join us for this vital webinar for safeguarding your business and increasing your sales during and after the pandemic lockdown.

Once you register, you will receive a link to join the webinar.