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Creating Digital Experiences To Shape A Better Future For People

Wed 08 Jul 2020
18:30 - 19:45

About the event

Customers are increasingly demanding products and services that are easy to use, personally meaningful and socially and environmentally beneficial. New definitions of value for customers give those designing and delivering products and experiences an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future. With the Graphite Digital CX Sessions Webinar, we wanted to create an event that would be useful to business owners, business leaders, start-ups, product designers, designers and developers that want to deliver better experiences.

For the first of our sessions, we’ve curated a line-up of thought leaders who will explore different methods used to create and deliver better digital experiences as we move through 2020 and beyond. You’ll be hearing from those that are already building great products and shaping a better future.

Speakers include:

Designing with AI: Setting User Expectations

Emily Sappington - Product Director for Voice & Conversational applications at Babylon Health

It is a product designer’s job to make AI feel human-like and magical, not overwhelming and scary to users. In this inspiration session, Emily will share some best practices for designing for AI in both large and small organisations. She’ll dig deeper into setting appropriate expectations when designing for AI and share how drawing on human interaction models help designers know what to expect when people encounter their AI product.

Future AI - Innovation in the context of AI

Adam West - Head of Marketing at Satalia​

​​Adam will discuss innovation in the context of AI and cut through the hype to focus on the future of AI and the impact it will have on individuals, businesses and society. He questions whether typical organisational structures are set up to attract, retain and empower the right talent. Finally, he touches on the use of AI and organisational psychology within organisations, including how it's being used to decentralise decision making and even set salaries.

About the hosts

Graphite Digital collaborates with brands to create & improve customer experiences & digital products. We ideate, prototype, design and deliver for enterprise clients.