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Creator Conversations - Body Rocket

Thu 23 Jul 2020
14:00 - 14:45

About the event

Body Rocket founder/CEO Eric DeGolier and Mechanical Design Engineer Jordan Bolland will be sharing experiences and challenges they've had developing their groundbreaking cycling aerodynamics product. The talk will be followed by an opportunity for an audience Q&A.

About Body Rocket:

80% of aerodynamic drag is created by your body: your position, your clothing and the way you move as you ride. 

The problem is, right now the only way to accurately measure your aerodynamic drag is to pay for an expensive test session at a wind tunnel or velodrome. 

Even then, the results you get under lab conditions are likely to vary significantly from those you’ll experience on the open road. It can be hard to judge whether you’re replicating the same optimal positioning you were shown in the lab. 

That’s why Body Rocket is a game-changer. It’s a device that fits on your bike, measuring drag on every ride.

How does it work?

Data collected by sensors on your seat post, handlebars and pedals are beamed wirelessly to a Garmin cycle computer, giving you precise, real-time feedback as you experiment with different positions, movements and kit. Then, after each session you can sit down and analyse the data on our app to identify incremental improvements.