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Games and Gamification in Market Research

Thu 06 Aug 2020
13:00 - 14:30

About the event

Games and Gamification in Market Research image

The book "Games and Gamification in Market Research: Increasing Consumer Engagement in Research" by Betty Adamou tells us how games and gamification are revolutionizing the market research industry, offering opportunities to reinvigorate the notoriously sluggish engagement levels seen in traditional surveying methods.

It is aimed at showing you how to design ResearchGames and Gamified Surveys that will intrinsically engage participants and how best to use these methodologies to become, and stay, commercially competitive.

In this interview, CEO of Gamification+ Ltd, Pete Jenkins will ask questions to delve deeper into understanding the possibilities and stories that can help us achieve our market research goals through gamification.

Before the interview, there will be 10 minutes for attendees to network and meet each other around the virtual tables. Then everyone gets to watch the interview and can ask questions, whether about the book or anything else (hence the AMA or Ask Me Anything in the event title). Then when this draws to a close, there's a chance to go back to your tables for further discussion with each other.