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FuseBox Ask Me Anything: Sim Racing - The Future of Motorsport?

Fri 07 Aug 2020
12:00 - 13:00

About the event

FuseBox Ask Me Anything: Sim Racing - The Future of Motorsport? image

Over the past few months, motor racing has taken exploded online, as professional racing drivers ranging from Nascar to Formula 1 have stepped away from the track and into their home simulator driving rigs.

To explain how this is possible and to share some of his valuable insight, we are excited to be joined by Simon Scott, former British Kart champion with over twenty years of experience in automotive engineering and a particular passion for driving simulators.

Simon's driving experience includes winning the British Championship in gearbox karts, stunt driving in the movie industry, console racing games from TOCA and Grand Turismo and more recently, VR sim racing rigs, including professional setups incorporating fighter jet g-suit haptics!

Joining us for a special LIVE Ask Me Anything, Simon will be sharing some of his experiences and answering questions about sim racing and what this means for motorsport post-Covid-19.

This event is part of a series of live Ask Me Anythings that we're running with FuseBox residents, who are using this time to share knowledge and expertise around their specialist area.