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Brighton Immersive Meetup: Powering Immersive Tech with 5G

Wed 26 Aug 2020
18:00 - 20:00

About the event

Brighton Immersive Meetup: Powering Immersive Tech with 5G image

There has been a lot of talk about 5G and its impact on immersive experiences. At this month’s Brighton Immersive Meetup, we get real.

Hear our guest speakers talk about how 5G has helped them use Virtual and Augmented Reality to control complex robots remotely, provide real-time and guided immersive tours to world heritage sites, power access to private and public archives in new ways, and drive immersive theatre experiences.

If you want to understand the practical business benefits of 5G and how they are being applied to the immersive technology landscape, then this is an event for you!

We'll be joined by:

Extend Robotics

Extend Robotics are developing a drone flying platform with two robotic arms, which is guided by VR over 5G to perform manipulation tasks remotely. By offering human-level dexterity at zero risk, it is a perfect tool to help industrial operators perform installation and maintenance tasks in hard to reach confined high spaces.

Immersive Computing Labs

Immersive Computing Labs build pop-up and permanent VR and AR labs for schools, businesses and libraries. They are piloting the use of immersive solutions to digitise and make private and public archives available for school-based curriculum learning and public consumption. The bandwidth capacity and low latency of the 5G network will allow them to build new location-specific AR experiences.


YouGo.World allows anyone to go anywhere in the world and see things through the eyes of a local guide. The guide takes visitors on a live, interactive, personal tour using the latest Mobile, AR and VR technologies. Applications such as YouGo.World will drive customer demand for 5G services/bandwidth.

Make Real

Building upon the Digital Catapult / Arts Council ‘Creative XR 2019’ cohort in partnership with The Old Market, Make Real joined the Digital Catapult 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme to explore how 5G technology could drive the immersive narrative theatre experience. Called "The Time Machine", the project enables venues to operate a performance model that would generate net-positive revenue, rather than relying upon funding commissions to show immersive experiences.

A massive thank you to Legal & General for sponsoring this Brighton Immersive Meetup!