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PHP Sussex | Online Meetup

Wed 02 Sep 2020
19:00 - 21:00

About the event

After a summer break in August, PHP Sussex is back with a bang in September. Join us online from 7pm for two talks that'll round off the summer nicely!

Introducing the serverless LAMP stack

Ben Smith, Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS

AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, MySQL, PHP - it’s LAMP but not as you know it. In this session, Ben will show why there has never been a better time to build serverless applications with PHP.

Using this new LAMP stack to build serverless applications allows PHP developers to benefit from the agility and scalability enabled by the serverless paradigm, all without needing to manage servers.

He’ll demo how to get started running your PHP code using functions as a service. You’ll learn how to connect to databases at scale with spiky workloads, and continue to use your favourite libraries and tools, without impacting performance or availability.

Learn how to become a serverless PHP developer, and use the world’s most popular web runtime to build scalable, agile apps without the server management.

Headless Wordpress with Gatsby

Kevin Cunningham, Partner & Developer @ Spin Up & PHP Sussex Co-organiser

WordPress is a CMS that is written in PHP and runs a large percentage of the internet. Gatsby is a framework built on React that statically generates websites.

WordPress is sometimes painted as being boring, old, obsolete. Gatsby is still a newish kid on the block and is a great platform to learn React.

Statically built websites are more secure (they don’t hit the database), are generally more performant (they are served as files from edge CDNs) and have all of the SPA advantages of client-side applications.

In this talk, Kevin will take you on a journey from WordPress to Gatsby - allowing you to use your awesome PHP skills while levelling up on GraphQL and React.

About the hosts

Welcome to PHP Sussex! Based out of Brighton, we meet every month to discuss and learn about all things PHP and web development.