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Brighton Web Dev Meetup: Faster Data Analytics for the Web

Thu 24 Sep 2020
19:00 - 20:30
Online Event

About the event

Brighton Web Dev Meetup: Faster Data Analytics for the Web image

Azure Data Explorer is a powerful new service which allows fast ingestion and querying of data across a cluster of nodes. It uses the Kusto Query Language (KQL) to query data and can be used to build high-end dashboards as well as machine learning, statistics and time series models.

In this talk Richard Conway will take you through how to begin with data explorer including using client tools such as Kusto Explorer and how you can integrate Data Explorer into a Single Page Application on the web and Microsoft PowerBI.

About the Speaker

Richard Conway is a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Azure. He is also a Director of Elastacloud which is a Data Science consultancy working across key business sectors such as retail, finance, engineering and others.

He is also an author of books and courses and a key contributor to Apache open source projects with a love for all things cloud and data. Proficient in C++, C#, Java, Scala, Python and R, Richard loves speaking to new audiences on aspects of cloud, data science and data platforms.

Richard also co-founded the UK Azure User Group and a strong affiliation with Code Club in the UK, where he has held the annual AzureCraft event for the last few years, which is an annual two day event for developers, parents and kids to teach them the Cloud and Programming through Minecraft.

About the hosts

If you build for the web, whether just for a hobby or professionally, then this meetup is designed for you. We don't have a specific agenda, but we organise monthly events where we chat about all things web.