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WorthingDigital Lunchtime Talks

Thu 24 Sep 2020
13:00 - 15:00
Online Event

About the event

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Grab your lunch, coffee or afternoon pick-me-up and connect with us. Wel'll be joined by:

Robert Da Costa, Da Costa Coaching

In a changing economic environment (such as this pandemic) it can be challenging to find enough business to keep your agency running and growing. If you wish you had more prospects in the pipeline or if you go on lots of ‘cups of coffee’ meetings with potential prospects, spend a lot of time writing proposals but are frustrated at the low conversion rate then this talk is for you.

Learn how creating a sales funnel that helps you identify and target your ideal customer will result in more meaningful meetings that convert into business. This talk is full of practical tips that you can begin implementing immediately:

  • How to identify your ideal target prospect
  • Keeping your pipeline filled with engaging outbound comms
  • Qualifying ideal prospects from time wasters!
  • Creating your own unique sales funnel


  • Ideas on sales and marketing activities to attract and convert more leads
  • An improved qualification process

Jane Guest, Founder of Adaray Marketing Ltd

Challenging times require us to dig deep and focus. Having identified who your ideal prospect is, the next step is to attract as many of them to you as possible. To do this you need to just to win their heads, but their hearts too. How? By creating a brand that acts as their best friend.

Helping you achieve this, Jane’s talk focuses on the psychology behind successful brands. Lifting the lid on how to create an authentic and compelling brand, and why being a best friend is a true brand imperative. Helping you future proof your business, Jane will guide you through the process of defining a bespoke brand essence that will step-change your marketing forever:

  • Why your band can become your biggest asset
  • How to create your bespoke brand essence
  • How your brand can create lifetime loyalty


  • Brand Essence Template

About the hosts

Worthing Digital is a community of locals from various backgrounds with a common interest in all things, digital, media and online.