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Async: "Ask the Online Brains - Autumn 2020"

Thu 01 Oct 2020
19:45 - 21:30
Online Event, Brighton

About the event

Async: "Ask the Online Brains - Autumn 2020" image

2020 rumbles on and no sign of us being able to all meet up in person anytime in the near future sadly. To cheer ourselves up, we're having a re-run of the popular and successful Ask the Brains session we had back in May. For those new to the format, here's a recap:

Inspired by the monthly Brighton ALT.NET meetup (, we will be asking/talking/ranting about everything web-related, 5-10 minutes per topic.

The aim is to create a friendly environment for everyone to ask their "that thing you've never understood but always been too afraid to ask" type questions, plus any other topics you feel like talking about on the night. Topics such as:

  • I'm new to development. Where do I get started?
  • I still don't get it! What the hell does `this` mean in JavaScript?
  • 'null` or `undefined`, or is there a case for both
  • Do we have to accept that JavaScript is now a compiled language
  • How do you maintain a work-life balance
  • Should I write unit tests, integration tests, or both?
  • What are the beneficial aspects of Agile/Scrum, and what do you find less useful.

You will be able to submit topics, and event attendees will be able to vote for the topics they would like to discuss. We will run the online discussion for about an hour, and afterwards, anyone who wishes to stay can share a virtual pint.

The format works best when there is a diverse group of people and opinions in the room, so whether you consider yourself an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, do come and join.

So, please put your thinking caps on now and start thinking of some questions you would like to ask.

About the hosts

Hi I'm Alastair - curator of Async, and a software engineer at Brandwatch.