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Transform to Grow: Building the right strategy & the best team

Wed 04 Nov 2020
10:00 - 11:00
Online Event

About the event

Transform to Grow: Building the right strategy & the best team image
There’s no denying that times have changed, and the current business landscape has a number of new challenges, but these changes have also brought new opportunities. Your business will need to adapt and respond to these changes, but if done right, you can get back to growth and enjoy renewed success. 
Join our webinar and learn how to adapt your strategy and build the right team to manage it through. 
We’ll show you how to revisit your strategy (or, indeed, build one for the first time) – to re-establish your goals and aspirations and have a plan in place to make them happen. We’ll take you from aspirations to operational actions, showing you how to build your new plan and the best practice ways to manage the execution. 
Then you need to decide if you have the right skills in the business to make this plan happen. We’ll show you what the Dream Team of the future looks like and how to build that team in your business. 
Learn how to:
  • Assess the impact of the current climate on your business
  • Recognise the changes you need to make to get back to growth
  • Adapt your plans and revisit your priorities
  • Evaluate your current capabilities and find the gaps
  • Build a winning team with the right skills

About the hosts

Lucidity is a strategy software platform used by SMEs to plan their strategy & goals, manage the execution and track the results. The easy-to-use software enables business leaders to assess their market, develop their plan, engage their teams, run the task management and report on progress. Ashton Consulting Board provides a range of business consulting services to a wide variety of companies, from SMEs to corporate level. With a team of highly seasoned industry executives, they focus on the individual needs and challenges their clients face.