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Creating Human Like Virtual AI Mind: Discussion

Sat 21 Nov 2020
14:00 - 16:00
Online Event

About the event

Creating Human Like Virtual AI Mind: Discussion image

I'm inviting various academics to see whether they would be interested in having an accessible, largely jargon-free and hopefully understandable discussion on creating human-like AI.

Join this group and this group's forum to discuss:

  • Using simulation to mimic and "ground" human-like understanding properly within a virtual mind, that exists in a virtual world.
  • Creating an AI that has the capability to properly use and conceptually understand language, the human-like AI development plan I am writing up would aim to create one.
  • Creating a creative commons share and share alike discussion group on these issues that is well documented and fully understandable and accessible to any motivated individual.
  • The ideas in a paper I have been writing on describing how simulation technologies, virtual reality and video-gaming technology could be used to create and host multiple human-like AI agents in virtual safe "Matrix like" AI world (see that we could visit or connect to our human world.

About the hosts

Make AI Happen Brighton - What are the open and unsolved AI questions and how could they be solved? Come along to discuss, contribute (if you wish), listen and learn about AI and its future.