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West Sussex Recover & Rise #3: Goal, Objective & KPI Setting | Training

Tue 19 Jan 2021
12:00 - 13:30
Online Event

About the event

West Sussex Recover & Rise #3: Goal, Objective & KPI Setting | Training image

The West Sussex Recover & Rise 2021 program is a series of 9 FREE online workshops designed to give small businesses a robust toolkit to not only survive through another year of unpredictable times, but to thrive. 

These sessions have been put together by experts to help business owners define, communicate and market in the right way to attract and retain customers through 2021. 

From product/service definition to networking, from setting goals & KPIs to tracking success through analytics, from action planning to digital marketing, signing up to this program will give your business the structure & sales many businesses desperately need as we head into a new year.

You must be a business located within West Sussex to be eligible for this workshop.

Setting Relevant and Measureable Goals & KPIs

Having a clear set of business goals and trackable Key Performance Indicators for each pillar of your business helps you keep your business on track at all times. Now more than ever business owners must be absolutely on top of how their business is doing, what is performing well and what needs more attention. This session will help you set clear goals for your business over the next 6 months as we bounce back from COVID and the tools to measure progress in each key area of your business.

Who is this training for?

This training course is ideal for small business owners, micro businesses and freelancers who don't feel they have a clear set of targets for success, who want a better handle on useful business metrics and aren't sure how to measure them.

Course Content


  • Organising your business into key pillars
  • Setting SMART objectives for each key business pillar
  • Mapping your objectives to strategic actions
  • Selecting KPIs for each objective
  • How to measure your KPIs

This workshop is part of a nine series set of workshops for West Sussex Recover and Rise 2021.

About the hosts

The session is delivered by Rosie Freshwater who has 20+ years experience as a successful entrepreneur & business mentor within the Creative / Digital Sector as well as Co-founder of Rume2, a coworking space in Chichester with an extensive program of business support for members and the wider business community.