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West Sussex Recover & Rise #4: Collaborate, Trust, Win | Training

Fri 22 Jan 2021
12:00 - 13:30
Online Event

About the event

West Sussex Recover & Rise #4: Collaborate, Trust, Win | Training image

The West Sussex Recover & Rise 2021 program is a series of 9 FREE online workshops designed to give small businesses a robust toolkit to not only survive through another year of unpredictable times, but to thrive. 

These sessions have been put together by experts to help business owners define, communicate and market in the right way to attract and retain customers through 2021. 

Collaborate, Trust, Win

Learn how collaboration and purpose can really push a business forward.  The guest speaker for this session is former Business Link Advisor Jo Yates. Jo has a vast amount of experience in providing SMEs with business support and advising them how to build contractor relationships, in addition to helping companies submit funding bids. She has also been a successful business owner herself (18 years), selling her business in 2016. Join to hear how purpose and collaboration can both be drivers and sustainable forces for company success.  There will also be breakout room networking as part of this event.

Who is this event for?

This workshop is ideal for small business owners and micro-businesses who want to learn about the benefits of collaboration and how to go about it. The session will also explain what business purpose is and how that can aid company and brand growth. Ideal for those whose growth plans need something new injected and for companies that have service gaps which could be fulfilled through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Session Content

Collaboration can help build trust.  As a trustworthy company, you’ll be better placed to win more business and you'll be able to secure expertise from like-minded people.  

During Jo's presentation you will hear real life case studies from business owners who’ve had successful collaborations which have led to companies excelling whilst exceeding their growth targets.

Breakout room networking will follow Jo's presentation enabling you to meet other businesses in the area and begin to form new relationships.

My session with Rachael was really helpful, and packed with very informative advice. She provided me with loads of actionable steps to take, and plenty of great ideas I hadn’t thought about.

- Tim Hanley

This workshop is part of a nine series set of workshops for West Sussex Recover and Rise 2021.

About the hosts

The session is hosted by Rachael Dines, a Chartered Marketer and the Director of Shake It Up Creative who has 20 years marketing experience across employed, self-employed and Director roles. Rachael also provides marketing mentoring for members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and business advisor services for members of the small business community Enterprise Nation.