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Brighton Data Forum: January Meetup

Wed 27 Jan 2021
16:00 - 18:00
Online Event

About the event

Brighton Data Forum: January Meetup image

Welcome to the virtual Brighton Data Forum! From students to thought leaders, we have a range of amazing local talent and organisations doing exciting projects with data.

Our goal is to foster a community around all of this activity and encourage productive conversation within it. The forum covers all topics of data professions, including analytics, data science, governance, warehousing, privacy & ethics, management, integration, visualisation, etc. We offer a blend of (semi) formal presentations as well as friendly chatter and networking opportunities.

Now and for the foreseeable future, this meeting will be conducted remotely via zoom.

We close the meeting with open discussions from the membership.

Please ensure you have zoom installed and running on your computer or device in advance. Then at the time, make yourself comfortable, optionally with a drink and a snack at hand, and click the link coordinates.

Speakers to be announced soon!

About the hosts

Brighton Data Forum are a socialising, networking, and skill-sharing meetup, bringing together local people.