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From Empathy to Equity: A Hands-On Workshop for Leaders

Thu 29 Apr 2021
17:00 - 18:00
Online Event

About the event

From Empathy to Equity: A Hands-On Workshop for Leaders image

Join the first-ever DINT-hosted workshop led by Shola Kaye. During her 50-minute hands-on workshop, Shola will share the benefits of being encouraged to contribute in the workplace, and she’ll give us some tips and tricks on how to make everyone feel included and comfortable in a workspace.

More about Shola:

Shola is a multi-award-winning speaker, communication consultant, and international performer. Having once worked for blue-chip corporates in high-pressure industries like investment banking and IT management consulting, Shola now runs workshops, speeches, and classes as corporates, universities, and schools. She’s delivered for clients like Oracle, Belkin, and Leica, and she has been featured in or written for Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, and the BBC.

About the hosts

DINT is a free online community set up to make connections between people who care about diversity and inclusion in tech.