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Glowforge Laser Cutting | Space to Make | Worthing

Tue 11 May 2021 - Sat 15 May 2021
Colonnade House, Worthing

About the event

Glowforge Laser Cutting | Space to Make | Worthing image

You may have a project ready to go, or you may want a tour of the basics to get an idea of what is possible, but in either case book a free two-hour session and we will assist you to use the machine and show you what it can do.

If you don't know about the Glowforge, please take a look at their website and community pages to see some of the amazing things that have been made and find out more about the capabilities and limitations of these machines:

Please note: We will provide some basic materials for people who are new to Glowforge to use as test pieces but if you have a specific project you will need to provide your own materials. If so, you must ensure that they are compatible with a Glowforge Basic machine - if you would like more advice about this, please get in touch.

Due to social distancing we can only allow one household/bubble per session.

About the hosts

Colonnade House is the creative pulse of Worthing – place for artists, makers, designers and innovators to collaborate and connect.