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Customer Marketing Strategy: West Sussex Recover & Rise SME Digital Accelerator - Free Webinar Series

Tue 12 Oct 2021
12:00 - 13:30
Online Event

About the event

Customer Marketing Strategy: West Sussex Recover & Rise SME Digital Accelerator - Free Webinar Series image

This webinar ‘Customer Marketing Strategy’ is #2 of #8 in the WSCC SME Digital Accelerator Webinar Series.

Developing a customer-driven marketing strategy.

In this session we’ll be focusing on Marketing 101 - how to develop and create customer focused marketing strategies, messaging and customer journeys. In the miasma of digital channels, getting the basics right can often be overlooked. As the first pillar of your marketing strategy, it needs to be focused. 

Learn how to get this right with Creative Bloom who have helped 100s of local SMEs get this right.


Anyone working within small to medium-sized businesses in West Sussex who are looking to improve their marketing strategy and digital skills, to better compete in the digital environment. Whether new to digital marketing, looking to improve your knowledge or become better equipped when communicating with agencies, we'll be able to help focus on the most important areas you need to keep an eye on for your business.

Thank you so much for the most amazing course. I learned loads and the timing was perfect for where I am now - the work I did following this is informing EVERYTHING!!!

- Jenny Barrett, Supernatural Collections


  • An introduction to how to create an impactful marketing strategy.
  • How to segment and profile your customers.
  • An understanding of how to develop customer-driven messaging and user journeys.
  • Tools and templates that can be utilised anytime in the future.


  • - Marketing Strategy 101
  • - Customer Segmentation Methods
  • - Customer Profiling
  • - Customer Journey Mapping
  • - Developing Customer Messaging

Really useful actionable insights. Especially helpful on customer strategies

- Tegan, Koru Architects

Interested organisations can use the link here to sign up for any or all of the sessions.

The West Sussex SME Digital Accelerator programme is being delivered through the partnership of West Sussex County Council and the West Sussex district and borough councils.

The business must be located within West Sussex to be eligible for these webinars.

This Autumn & Winter 2021, West Sussex County Council launches a FREE online Webinar series designed to maximise the impact and accessibility of digital technologies for West Sussex Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

The SME Digital Accelerator programme is a 4 part series consisting of over 25 online workshops.

Series 1: Getting Online

Series 2: Customers & Marketing

Series 3: Systems & Productivity

Series 4: Growth Expansion & New Products.

These webinar sessions have been put together by local digital experts Freedomworks, always possible, & Creative Bloom in partnership with the County Council & Boroughs to help small and medium businesses utilise digital tools and gain expert knowledge and advice in how best to grow their online presence and attract and retain new customers.

These webinars will be run online and will take place at 12pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays starting on 9th September.

The SME Digital Accelerator programme is a 4 part series consisting of over 25 online workshops - to see other workshops available take a look at our Eventbrite page.

About the hosts

Everything we do is based on evidence - Bloom is a digital agency created by a data specialist and an ecologist, who have always ensured that the power of fact is at the centre of everything. We don't just want to assume things about customers, we want to know who they are.