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Why Use Behavioural Insights in Marketing?

Wed 29 Sep 2021
15:00 - 15:20
Online Event

About the event

Why Use Behavioural Insights in Marketing? image

David will introduce you to the behavioural model called "COM-B". Typically used by Government teams to help with health and social behavioural change requirements, COM-B's popularity is growing and being applied in marketing environments by both brands and agencies alike. 

Understanding human behaviour is an essential part of marketing. In this bitesize session, you'll learn about this simple but effective model that can help you do that even better.

After the session, you'll understand:

  • Why behavioural insights work well in marketing
  • What process you can use to integrate them into your activity
  • The COM-B model – what it is; how to use it to learn more about your audiences and devise solutions

About the hosts

Strategy Director David Somerville helps clients with their digital marketing strategy challenges. A stand-out project that David provided strategic direction on is called “Good Thinking”, an NHS online service that aims to improve the mental well-being of Londoners. The project won eight awards in 2018, including a Drum Search Award and DMA Silver Award. David regularly speaks at industry events, including the CharityComms annual conference and has written articles for and SmartInsights.