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Strange Relations by Carys Reilly and Simon Le Boggit: Fabrica, Brighton

Sat 09 Oct 2021 - Sun 28 Nov 2021
Fabrica, Brighton

About the event

Strange Relations by Carys Reilly and Simon Le Boggit: Fabrica, Brighton image

Fabrica’s autumn exhibition will be exploring extremity and diversity, inviting audiences to experience work of an extremely large scale and of a tiny intimate size.This juxtaposition of the artists’ works will offer visitors a playful ‘sizeshifting’ experience – at first loomed over by one work and then towering over the other. In this highly anticipated exhibition, the artworks position the visitor as the ‘norm’ in the room. This plays with human scale, looking beyond the norms of human experience and questioning the cultural standards in current exhibition making.

Carys Reilly’s series includes psychologically charged sculptures, though tiny, they powerfully convey bodily intimacy and interiority. In contrast, Simon Le Boggit’s expansive video installation, Even Giants Have to Bend, fills Fabrica's 10-metre-high ceiling with the movement and sound of huge trees in a strong wind, immersing the viewers below it.

Strange Relations attempts to interrogate ‘norms’ within the contemporary art world and society, through exhibition making - a subject that both Outside In and Fabrica have each explored for some time. This focus set the parameters for the selection of the artists’ works which are two extremely different immersive encounters.

About the hosts

Fabrica is a visual arts organisation based in a former Regency church in the heart of Brighton, which commissions contemporary visual art installations specific to the building.Fabrica is a place where artists come to make new work. Fabrica supports and encourages the artists with whom it works to be adventurous and to test the boundaries of their practice. It encourages an open dialogue between artists and visitors within the gallery space and produces an integrated programme of education and audience development activity that strives to remove barriers to access, engagement and understanding.