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Recover & Rise: Managing Your Stock & Inventory Online

Tue 16 Nov 2021 - Tue 16 Nov 2027
Online Event

About the event

Recover & Rise: Managing Your Stock & Inventory Online image

Managing Your Stock & Inventory Online is #4 of #7 in the WSCC SME Digital Accelerator Series - SYSTEMS & PRODUCTIVITY.

In this session, we’ll be exploring the benefits of adopting online tools to help you manage your stock and inventory efficiently and cost-effectively. We’ll be talking about the pitfalls of poor stock and inventory management and we’ll help you decide when and how to introduce an online system so you can manage supply, demand plus track and control it. The aim of this session is to leave you with actionable insights to help you effectively manage your pipeline of orders to grow your business.

For anyone involved with a small to medium sized business in West Sussex who is looking to recover and rise after the challenges the pandemic has brought. If you are looking to learn more about adopting digital ways of working and want to gain practical and actionable insight to help take the first steps - this webinar is for you.


  • An introduction to the most popular stock and inventory management systems for small businesses
  • How they can benefit your business, your customers and your bottom line
  • The time and cost savings you can expect from adopting these tools
  • The steps you can take to move to online inventory management and what to consider when picking the right software for you
  • Q&A panel with our Expert Speaker

The SME Digital Accelerator programme is a 4 part series consisting of over 25 online workshops

About the hosts

Mike Spense