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Brighton Web Dev Meetup: 'WhatsApp, Web3 and Wordle: Evolving a Digital Society'

Wed 25 May 2022
19:00 - 21:00
The Skiff, Brighton

About the event

Brighton Web Dev Meetup: 'WhatsApp, Web3 and Wordle: Evolving a Digital Society' image

"WhatsApp, Web3 and Wordle: Evolving a Digital Society" - Dylan Beattie

Tonight, we are finally back at the Skiff in Brighton with the first in-person event since the pandemic began in 2020. I am really looking forward to finally meeting everyone again and supporting the Skiff who have been so great for our Meetup Group throughout the last few years.

As a special treat we have Dylan Beattie coming down to Brighton to do his new talk for us.

An event outline will go up shortly, but anyone who has seen Dylan do a talk in the past will know what a great speaker he is, and it will definitley be a fun evening.

You can check out Dylan on his website:

Just like old times, there will pizza and drinks at the Skiff and obviously the chance to go the pub afterwards as well for those that want to.

We will be at the event at 6:30pm and the talk from Dylan will start around 7pm.

Please nore that we will be changing the dates for the Meetups to the last Wednesday of the month in future due to the committments of the Skiff.

It would be great to see you all again in person, so I hope you can all come along and we can continue to do in-person monthly events again throughout 2022 and beyond.

Thanks and see you soon, Gavin

About the hosts

Brighton Web Dev Meetup: If you build for the web, whether just for a hobby or professionally, then this meetup is designed for you. We don't have a specific agenda, but we organize monthly events where we chat about all things web.