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Brighton Jug - November Meetup

Tue 15 Nov 2022
18:00 - 20:00
Spaces - Brighton, Trafalgar Place

About the event

Brighton Jug - November Meetup image

As part of the Quarkus World tour 2022 we will be welcoming Eric Deandrea - Sr. Principal Developer Advocate giving a talk on Quarkus for Spring Developers.

Eric Deandrea is a Sr. Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat

Connect with Eric:


In this session, I will show concepts and conventions familiar to Spring developers and how those same concepts and conventions can be implemented in Quarkus, all while highlighting similarities and differences between them. Additionally, I will show similarities and differences in how testing is done, highlighting Quarkus Dev Services.

I will introduce an existing Spring application with a full test suite, then using a test-driven-development approach with Quarkus Dev Services & Continuous testing, quickly convert it to Quarkus.

Event Format:

This is a hybrid event, offering the option to come along in person or join us from anywhere online!

About the hosts

Brighton JUG is a group bringing together Java users, enthusiasts and learners. We’re interested in the whole world of Java – android development, server frameworks, interesting tools, applications, development methodologies and so on and so on – anything Java.