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ABCD Igniter: Does Brighton Dare...?

Wed 02 Feb 2022
12:30 - 14:30
Online Event

About the event

Provocative ‘lightning talks’ from high profile figures about Greater Brighton as an incubator for creativity and innovation, the ‘superfusion’ model of art and tech, and questioning whether the current investment of time, money, training, and will, is ambitious enough.

An opportunity section, highlighting routes to R&D, innovation funding and cross-sector collaboration available right now.


  • Fuchsia Days MBE aka Thomas White (Electric Soft Parade)
  • Alex Barker, CEO/Captain, Be More Pirate
  • Emily Berwyn - Director and Founder, Meanwhile Space

About the series

Igniter events to reimagine how the creative sector can emerge from the pandemic stronger, more connected and more resilient. Brand new. Open-hearted. Brave. Bold and Inspiring.

Part of the ABCD plan for cultural recovery in Greater Brighton, these free sessions shout loudly how creative businesses are at the forefront of the city's recovery.

International, national and local guest speakers will provoke ideas, suggest new ways of working and invite you to re-energise collaborations.

The Igniter programme is a series of 4 online webinars:

Does Brighton dare...?

A New Resilience for Greater Brighton

Compassionate, creative.... and commercial?

Clusters, Communities + Co-working Spaces

The pandemic has shown how vulnerable the creative sector can be, but also how critical for wellbeing, understanding and belonging. How can we be better prepared for a future crisis? What strengths can we keep building on?

Igniter is an opportunity for you to be heard, to learn, to challenge and be inspired - empowered by Brighton’s radical heart.