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Lunch + Learn | Impact is the New ROI: Why Marketing for Impact Matters

Thu 07 Apr 2022
12:00 - 13:00
The FuseBox, Brighton

About the event

Lunch + Learn | Impact is the New ROI: Why Marketing for Impact Matters image

People are more discerning than ever about who they spend their money with. It’s no longer enough to be good at what you do if you want to grow your business, it’s about the impact your business is making.

Generating sales is no longer the driving force for marketing campaigns. The most successful marketing makes an impact on your audience, your teams and the world. In order to make an impact as a business, you need to start with a clear purpose, understand your values, and communicate why you exist.

When you get clarity on all these things, you can express yourself authentically as a brand or individual, and expand your business effectively and joyfully.

In this session, Alice Reeves, Co-Founder & Director of The Joyful, will explore the key principles of marketing for impact and share examples of the most successful purpose-driven campaigns that have made a genuine impact.

The goal is for you to come away with a shift in mindset when it comes to your marketing, which puts purpose and joy at the heart of your actions, with the confidence that sales will come as a result.

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Alice Reeves is co-founder and director of The Joyful, a brand and marketing agency for movers, shakers and change-makers.

Since 2017, The Joyful has worked with global, purpose-led business across the education, life sciences, travel, finance, and arts sectors to deliver joyful, impact-led brand and community building campaigns. They grow brands people love, and want to get behind.

This Lunch + Learn is part of a series of three with Alice Reeves focused on impact-led marketing.
Join Alice again on April 28th and May 26th.

Thank you to Plus Accounting for sponsoring our Lunch + Learn series.

Plus Accounting offer a comprehensive range of accounting and tax services for clients that operate in the Technology, Media and Innovation sectors.
So whether you are planning on starting a new venture, expanding your existing operation or the time has come to consider a sale, they can provide you with the support and guidance that you need.

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