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Lunch + Learn | How to Make an Impact on your Customers

Thu 26 May 2022
12:00 - 13:00
The FuseBox, Brighton

About the event

Lunch + Learn | How to Make an Impact on your Customers image
Creating audience personas is vital for any marketing strategy, no matter how big or small your business. When you’re clear on the needs, challenges, emotions and barriers your audience are facing, you can create content that educates, empathises and empowers.
That’s what sets you apart from other businesses, builds genuine relationships, creates a community around your brand and inspires loyalty.
But, where do you start? Where does your customer data come from (even if you don’t have any customers yet? What information do you need to pay attention to? And how do you know you’re talking to the right people?
In this interactive session Alice Reeves, Co-Founder and Director of brand and marketing agency The Joyful will take you through creating an audience persona step by step, equipping you with the confidence to start talking to your customers at scale and tailoring your brand messaging to make an impact on them – and on your own expansion.
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About our Speaker

Alice Reeves is co-founder and director of The Joyful, a brand and marketing agency for movers, shakers and change-makers.

Since 2017, The Joyful has worked with global, purpose-led business across the education, life sciences, travel, finance, and arts sectors to deliver joyful, impact-led brand and community building campaigns. They grow brands people love, and want to get behind.

This Lunch + Learn is part of a series of three with Alice Reeves focused on impact-led marketing.
Join Alice again on March 31st and April 28th.

Thank you to Plus Accounting for sponsoring our Lunch + Learn series.

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