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Brighton Farm | Freelancers Networking Meet Up | Talent Fest '22

Wed 16 Nov 2022
17:00 - 20:30
The FuseBox, Brighton

About the event

Brighton Farm | Freelancers Networking Meet Up | Talent Fest '22 image

Are you a freelancer or thinking of going freelance? Come along to this special one-off Brighton Farm at The FuseBox in central Brighton to meet fellow local freelancers, chat about work and self-employment, and generally get some human contact after working on your own all week...

Brighton Farm

The Farm is a networking group for web designers, developers and people with related digital skills who live in Brighton and the surrounding areas. They've been meeting every Wednesday in different venues around Brighton and Hove since 2003.

It’s a place where people can gain encouragement and help to develop their own companies, get work referrals, set up partnerships, meet interesting people and find out about the latest technology online. They're a friendly bunch, so don't be scared to join us.

In this special meetup as part of Talent Fest '22,  we'll have a short panel session, led by Brighton Farm founder, Paul Silver. He'll be chatting to a few local freelancers, some newer to the game and others with plenty of experience and advice to share. Then there'll be time for networking, meeting new people and hopefully sparking some fresh collaborations!

And, there'll be beer and pizza!

It's free and open to all.

Joining the Freelancer Panel

Our host, Paul Silver

Paul is a freelance web developer and Google Ads manager who's been running the Farm group since 2005. He'll be chatting to fellow freelancers, Helen Beckingham, Jerry Steele and Laura Tyler about their work and the life of a freelancer.

Helen Beckingham

A freelance SEO copywriter. She formed Keyword Copywriting in 2011 after realising that a) conversational writing is a thing, b) business owners hate writing about themselves, and c) they’d pay her to do it for them. She writes website page content, blogs, newsletters, case studies... and anything which involves words.

Jerry Steele

Jerry has been fixing contract and freelance work as a Linux sysadmin + DevOps/platform/cloud engineer since 2013, with a sideline podcasting for sysadmins.

Laura Tyler

Laura is a self-employed developer working in teams or alone, using the various languages needed by different projects.

Bring your questions!

Talent Fest 2022

Talent Fest is a five-day event to boost our region’s thriving digital industry; helping businesses hire, nurture and keep the most talented people – the people we need, to grow and deliver great work.

It’s time to start planning the future for digital businesses. How can we best connect jobseekers, graduates, career switchers and returners to work, from diverse backgrounds and outside of our Brighton bubble with rewarding, fulfilling work?

About the hosts

Paul Silver has been freelancing in Sussex for 19 years and joined The Farm in 2003. He's seen plenty of highs and lows and is happy to help any freelancers coming to The Farm meetings looking for advice.