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Talking Tech at The FuseBox | Virtual Production

Tue 30 Aug 2022
13:00 - 14:00
The FuseBox, Brighton

About the event

Talking Tech at The FuseBox | Virtual Production image

If you are interested in (or just merely curious about) virtual production, join us for a relaxed lunchtime get-together at The FuseBox.

Joining us are our FuseBox residents, Myra Appannah and Simon Wilkinson from BRiGHTBLACK.

BRiGHTBLACK will soon be inviting audiences to join them on wild journey through a video game: BLACK Rabbit [supported by Arts Council England]. In this talk they'll be showing how they've brought together live experience, virtual production, video games, OBS, Twitch and audio to tell two intimate stories that turn into one epic one.

BRiGHTBLACK are Myra Appannah and Simon Wilkinson, pioneers in immersive tech, responsible for two of the UK’s largest story-based immersive technology-based experiences, SOMNAI and WHILST THE REST WERE SLEEPING. They have over ten years’ experience working at the leading edge of the culture scene which has evolved around virtual and augmented reality.

Their work has featured at venues from the Tate Modern to an abandoned toilet in the Arizona desert and toured to over 36 nations on 5 continents in the past six years. Their most recent venture with StoryFutures, Epic Games and Unreal Engine has led them into the world of virtual production - but not as you might know it.

Free and open to all!

Bring your lunch and your questions.

About our Speakers

Myra Appannah

Myra is a BAFTA and Sundance award-winning immersive tech and virtual reality specialist and director of BRiGHTBLACK. She’s a screenwriter, storyteller and creative director. Myra runs workshops all over the world, she’s on the National Gallery Immersive Board, and is also an amazing skateboarder.

Simon Wilkinson

Simon is a transmedia artist, whose work incorporates audiovisual, installation, virtual reality, electronic music, and online and performance media, often combining all of these forms simultaneously. He describes transmedia as 'the practice of telling a story through multiple platforms; so that, for example, instead of making a website ‘about’ the theatre piece, the website becomes an embedded part of the narrative.'

He currently produces work as CiRCA69, has featured in Tate Modern’s Merge Festival (2011) and at many international festivals.

About The FuseBox

The FuseBox is a hub in Brighton for digital innovators, tech visionaries and creative technologists. It is run by and is home to independent membership organisation Wired Sussex

We provide innovators with access to spaces, facilities, opportunities and expertise. We currently house the Brighton Immersive Lab and a 5G testbed.

The FuseBox is a place where innovators can be supported and can support each other, where knowledge and practices from the arts, humanities and design are meshed with new technologies.

We believe in learning through doing, demonstrating and testing; and in better innovation through collaboration. We have been described as a ‘social super-collider’. The FuseBox is carefully designed and programmed to facilitate these types of interactions.

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