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Product Unleashed // Strategy Vs. RIsk

Thu 15 Sep 2022
18:00 - 20:00
Spaces - Brighton, Trafalgar Place, Brighton

About the event

Product Unleashed // Strategy Vs. RIsk image

Product Strategy Vs. Risk // Double Bill

With guest speakers:

Ioannis Nousis (Google) + Tom Prior (Independent Designer + Strategist).

Event Description:

In this exciting meetup we learn from 2 great minds about how we can lower the chance of risk in our products, ensuring greater market fit as well as how to find the treasure buried within our products using strategy maps as our vehicle of choice!

Buckle up and pop up the main sail, this is going to be quite the ride...

ARRRRR!! 🏴‍☠️ 🆚 🗺️ = 💎

Event Format

This is a hybrid event, offering the option to come along in person or join us from anywhere online!

Our Speakers

Ioannis Nousis
Lead UX Designer at Google

Ioannis Nousis is a Senior UX Designer, working at Google, helping millions of merchants around the world get things done on Google Search and Maps. Previously he worked in various tech verticals from e-commerce , Fin-tech and B2B/SaaS companies.

He comes from an Industrial Design background holding an integrated MSs in HCI. Ioannis is a TED-X speaker and a design mentor with DesignLabs.

About the talk:

Using the Riskiest Assumptions Canvas to maximise the value of the MVP

In today’s world of tech, we spend so much time and money building MVPs that often fail to answer fundamental questions for our product and forget that we can learn what we need by faster, more effective means.

Ioannis, discusses how we can maximise the rate of learning by minimising the time to try things and build products that have product-market fit and a lower chance of failing.

Tom Prior
Independent Digital Product Designer and Design Strategist

Tom is an independent Digital Product Designer and Design Strategist. He's spent over 15 years working for organisations you've never heard of (like Cannes Lions and EMAP Group), and a handful you probably have (like Virgin Holidays, Specsavers, and Save The Children).

Through a decade of design leadership he has grown design teams both agency-side and in-house, and has a passion for making improving the strategy and business confidence of product teams.

A keen supporter of the grassroots design community, Tom is a design mentor, co-organiser of the UK’s largest UX Barcamp, and regular contributor to the UX Brighton community. In 2020 he started Designers in Business, a newsletter and interview series aimed at helping fellow designers build their business confidence.

About the talk:

Uncovering Product Treasure with Strategy Maps

Product strategy can be an intimidating terrain to navigate.

Vague strategy statements can leave us directionless. Blindly following competitors can lead us up mountains we’ll never conquer. Poorly defined success metrics make it tricky to know if we’ve successfully reached our destination.

Let’s better equip our teams to set off on their product strategy journey. In this talk we’ll explore…

  • Tools to make strategic decision-making more practical, creating maps that highlight opportunities for strategic product investment
  • How to empower teams to make strategic decisions based on their product’s competitive strengths
  • Simple ways to define metrics that can support the business case for investment in mapped product ideas

About your hosts:

Product Unleashed is brought to you by your hosts John Griffin and Dominic Port.

The duo has worked on the design of products of all shapes and sizes, and brings their energy and enthusiasm to this unique meetup, packed with great guests and knowledge - for anyone interested in leveling up their game in the world of products.

About the hosts

Welcome designers and product enthusiasts! We're a design meet-up group who host monthly live speaking events for those interested in the world of digital products, innovation, design and doing things differently! Each meet-up features new guests from some of the most influential product companies around the world, providing unique insights, tangible ideas and new techniques to help drive change from the inside out. All our events are hybrid so you can join us in-person if possible or on one of our live streams.