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Artist Talk & Photography Networking Event

Wed 08 Feb 2023
18:30 - 21:00
Fabrica, Brighton

About the event

Artist Talk & Photography Networking Event image

Are you a local photographer who would like to meet other like minded professionals? At this annual event we aim to create a space where photographers and creatives at any stage in their career can connect with industry professionals and peers and discover new work at this relaxed evening event.

In February Fabrica will be hosting a Photography Networking event, a night of conversation and music in partnership with Photo Fringe, Spectrum Photographic and Jane & Jeremy.

For this year’s talk we're excited to be joined by Duncan Poulton, the winner of the In Between Gallery open call and currently on show in Fabrica's main window.

Duncan Poulton is an artist based between London and Brighton. His practice is fed by an obsessive gathering of online content into a vast digital archive, which are recombined into still and moving image collages. Made exclusively with found materials, his works address a visual culture of overabundance and ambivalence, exploring the compression of histories and meaning engendered by the internet. He is a hoarder, a selector and combiner who uses the internet as his palette and imagination.

Jane and Jeremy from The Bookend in St George’s Road, Brighton, will be displaying a selection of photobooks to browse and purchase. DJ set, more details to come!

At this event you can expect:
* A creative sharing their work and career journey - followed by an audience Q&A!
* Space to network & connect with other photographers and creatives
* An opportunity to browse zines.

Event & ticket information
* The door and bar will open at 6.30pm - the talk will begin at 7pm and finish by 8pm
* We will be selling zines and accepting donations all night so please do support us if you can.

If you have any accessibility requirements or questions, please email who will be happy to help.

About the hosts

Fabrica is a space where everyone can experience art. Through immersive exhibitions and commissions, we introduce visitors to the work of celebrated international and at the same time, we support and commission emerging artists, giving them the financial and creative support to make engaging and thought provoking work. This way, art is always here to surprise, challenge and inspire our communities. We believe everyone should have the opportunity for creative participation in the arts. No prior knowledge of art is needed to step inside, and to engage, enjoy and respond. We present a year round calendar of film screenings, talks, group discussions and community led events. And through a holistic programme of workshops that take place in several community settings across the city we provide creative activities that supports learning and increases wellbeing.