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Make Your Website Work For You - Spring Forward Event 2023

Wed 22 Mar 2023
11:00 - 12:00

About the event

Make Your Website Work For You - Spring Forward Event 2023 image

Making your own website?

Whether you’re creating an online CV, a place to showcase your art, or to talk about your coaching or consulting services. 

A website gives you creative freedom, an opportunity to make a connection with people, and can place you above the crowd.

You can create a website yourself with any number of online tools these days, but what will make it a cohesive experience that works effectively for you and your visitors?

It takes a lot of work to get new visitors to your website. When they get there you want to know that your website is not putting them off and that it's encouraging them towards your goals. Whether that's to pick up the phone and call you, fill out an enquiry form or to buy online, your site should clearly guide them to take this action.

In this session Rebecca Kimber of will share what makes a successful website, how to look critically at what you have, and how to understand what needs to change.

You’ll learn how how you can improve the number of visitors who complete your objectives and how to ensure your website reflects you. Plus the ways web designers make a website look more professional that you can implement yourself.

This event is part of the Spring Forward Festival. Spring Forward is a month-long celebration of the role of women in digital culture and runs throughout March in parallel with Women’s History Month. Their mission is to encourage women to take a greater role in digital by creating a platform that promotes digital community events organised by women for women.

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